Intelligent BMS  ( Low Cost) High Power   

BMS SV24S is designed special for LiPo,LiFe and LiTo battery pack applied to storage energy system and Electrical Vehicle including EV,E-Motorcycle,E-Scooter so on. The unit can measure or detect the battery voltage, cell voltage, charge & discharge  current,  battery  temperature,  and  battery  SOC(State  of  Charge) , displayed with TFT color LCD.

Special Features

  1. The BMS SV24S uses advanced ADC measurement technology, high accuracy, high voltage and high current detection circuit. The maximum voltage measurements tolerance is within 5mV at up to 24S LiPo battery (102V)
  2. Support regenerative braking, during braking operation can charge the batter pack and the discharge power (Wh) will decrease to response to the braking power.
  3. Charge/discharge current up to 600A. Bigger current can be customized.
  4. 1.2A per cell balance current is very useful for large capacity battery pack, the feature can resume all cell voltage balance status at the shortest time. Over temperature protection make sure the system safety during balance.
  5. BMS SV24S calculate and display the charge and discharge power (Wh), generally the battery rated power is rated voltage multiply rated battery capacity.
  6. TFT LCD screen provides rich information including current, voltage, power, capacity, battery status, SOC and temperature and so on.
  7. BMS SV24S features a maximal safety protection, within the range parameters can be setup, BMS SV24S will alarm and cutoff charge or discharge according to users’ setup, out of range of parameters, and trigged absolute maximum ratings BMS SV24S will force to cutoff charge or discharge