Lift Table Covers

Bellows for Scissors/Lift Tables

Lift table covers are designed to protect lift mechanisms and personnel from dust, dirt, foreign objects and pinch points.  Lift covers are constructed of rugged, durable materials selected for specific applications based on the environment in which the lift table will operate.  Custom made lift covers enhance lift appearance and provide four-sided protection that will accommodate normal raise, lower and tilt movements. They are available in several mounting options based on individual applications.  Custom-engineered bellows covers are ideal for enclosing the lift mechanism and base area of x-ray machines, MRI equipment, surgical tables, medical exam chairs and other adjustable devices.




Typical Applications:

  • Scissors lifts
  • Lift or tilt tables
  • Medical tables or dental chairs
  • Seat or amusement ride bases
Lift Cover Construction Methods

   Liftgard Lift Cover

 Gorframe Wireframe Cover