Aluminum Roll Up Doors

ncreased Safety

  • Keeps personnel safe by allowing them to remain closer to the vehicle
  • Eliminates damage associated with swing-out doors


  • Constructed of strong, double-sided aluminum extrusions
  • Manual and powered lock options available to keep your items secure

Attractive Appearance

  • Smooth, satin anodized aluminum finish
  • Available in custom painted finishes to precisely match your vehicle

Maximum Use of Compartment Space

  • 3-inch diameter take-up roller minimizes header height
  • Full view of compartment
  • Easy access to equipment

Simple, Smooth Operation

  • Fast and easy opening and closing
  • Quiet idler roller dampens noise and vibration
  • Rib design minimizes equipment hang ups

Easy Roller Door Installation & Field Replacement

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Aluminum extrusions are individually replaceable without disassembling the entire door by removing push out clips on each end
  • Choose from several one-piece side rail options, with option mounting holes predrilled free of charge.

Quality Guaranteed

  • Roll Up Doors Manufactured in the USA
  • Stainless steel lift bar
  • Seals are made of Santoprene, which has a high resistance to UV’s and adjusts to both extreme cold and hot temperatures.

Full Complement of Options and Accessories

  • Magnetic door ajar switch allows operator to know instantly if door is not securely closed
  • Manual lock, or compact power lock with manual override
  • See-through slats
  • Inside opening handle
  • Bright, efficient LED compartment lighting

Customer Support

  • Largest sales rep and technical support network nationwide