Steel Way Covers

teel covers are often designed as a sliding plate or telescoping way cover to protect machinery components from damaging elements such as hot chip loads, cutting fluids, oils, and metal shavings. 

Telaflex Steel Telescopic Covers  

Custom-designed for any machine tool application requiring protection of machine ways and screws. Dynatect inventories a large suppy of replacement parts to keep you up and running.

Telescopic Way Cover Repair

Save money by getting more operational life out of your protective equipment: your damaged way covers can be returned to working order by our expert repair technicians.  A variety of common telescopic replacement parts are inventoried. 

Gorplate Stainless Steel Sliding Plate/Low-Profile Cover

Where space is a concern but metal protection is necessary, low-profile covers are a lightweight solution to protect your equipment.

Way Wipers 

Work with steel way covers to wipe away chips and oil as the machine is in operation, and are available in standard or custom profiles.