Dynatect’s diverse portfolio of protective bellows includes traditional and proprietary construction methods. The acquisition of MFB Technik GmbH has expanded our capabilities with its dip-molded, high-temperature and rubber disc bellows product lines.

Custom Bellows

Customized protective bellows are manufactured to any shape or size, paired with suitable materials and accessories. Explore your options by shape/configuration and check out custom bellows examples.

Standard Bellows (Stock)

Available from stock (shipped within 1-3 business days): Sewn bellows, Gortiflex® molded bellows or die set covers. Choose from a selection of standard round profiles in common I.D. & O.D. combinations and standard lengths.

Lift Table Bellows

Custom made covers designed to conceal lift table bases or add a barrier around scissors lift mechanisms. Construction options: Liftgard (PVC with rigid aluminum frame), Gorframe (wireframed), traditional stitched, or folded.

View All Bellows

Browse by product name: explore several types of bellows that we make including sewn, sealed, molded, folded, or several unique and exclusive processes.


Dynatect designs roll up covers with metallic or fabric-based shades, complete with mounting hardware and protective housing for simple installation. We can help with your refurbishment, replacement or retrofit needs. Solutions range from industrial machine guarding, to medical or food-grade barrier applications.

Shade Roller/Fabric Roll-Up

Light-duty protection (light/occasional amounts of debris) consisting of a coated or uncoated fabric shade attached to an industrial spring roller with mounting brackets or optional canister. Easy to install and great for retrofits.

Alumaflex® Roll-Up

Medium-duty protection consisting of interlocking anodized aluminum extrusions. Alumaflex may be applied as roll-up machine door with a take-up mechanism, or a free-hanging apron cover. Commercial and medical applications have used Alumaflex as a mechanical barrier or compartment door, due to its attractive and modern appearance.

Standard Steelflex® Roll-Up

Medium-duty protection, minimal deflection over wide spans, protection against moderate hot chip and coolant loads. Stainless steel top surface with bonded aluminum ribs rolled compactly over a spring-loaded roller. Optional canister and brush wiper enhances durability in messier environments.

Walk-On Steelflex® Roll-Up

Heavy-duty protection with minimal deflection over wide spans. Retractable, walk-on cover to help prevent fall hazards around machine ways and pits. Stainless steel top surface with bonded aluminum ribs rolled compactly over a spring-loaded roller or into a scroll take-up. Also can be rolled up into a canister.

Special Roll-Up Covers

See Special Application Products for more application-specific roll-up options. Durable aluminum Gortite Doors are used to secure equipment compartments and compliment attractive styling on trucks and emergency vehicles. We also make special roll-ups for tanks as well as motorized doors. Multiple roll-ups can be combined with a custom multi-axis face shield assembly.


A telescopic box way cover offers the most protection for precision screws and machine ways. We can offer replacement for non-Dynatect brands and work with you to address any chronic failure issues you’re experiencing. Where there are space limitations that prevent a telescopic cover, we offer alternative steel cover solutions that may even be more cost-effective.

Gorplate Steel Cover

This innovative system of stainless steel plates and monofilament connections creates a lightweight and cost-effective system to protect machine ways from chips and weld splatter. Low-profile cover depth of approximately 1-inch.

Telaflex® Telescopic Steel Cover

Telescopic cover and wipers systems protect precision ways and rails from accidental damage caused by dropped tools or work pieces, or damage caused by heavy chip loads, dirt, oil and coolants. We can custom design or reverse engineer nearly any cover, including non-Dynatect brands.

Telaflex® Repair

In addition to designing and manufacturing new steel covers, Dynatect will evaluate your damaged way cover for repair. We’ll work with you to come up with a replacement plan to help you prevent future downtime, while getting your damaged cover reworked to working condition or better in less time than waiting for a new cover. Any cover damaged beyond repair, we can usually reverse engineer to offer you a replacement option.


Dynatect provides both tooling-free replacement wipers as well as custom molded OEM wiper for high-volume production using high quality urethane for abrasion resistance or Nitrile for superior oil resistance. We have solutions for both wet (lubricated) and dry (unlubricated) ways.

Molded Urethane Way Wipers

Moderate to high volume, tooling required. OEM applications.

Fabricated Way Wipers

Nitrile wipers, typically tooling free, for low to moderate volumes. Maintenance and repair applications.

Stock Wiper Profiles

Four standard profiles and a few others, in predetermined lengths, available from stock.


You have reached the "catch all" category for your special application project. While we don’t have a novel way to categorize all our "non-standard" solutions, we can assure you that we enjoy a challenge. If it is of fabric, elastomer or metal, and it protects, rolls-up, folds, telescopes, guards or covers, we can probably make it. Some of the product lines below started with a unique customer project. So never think that you’re asking too much from us when you need a tailor-made design.

Bus & Light Rail Bellows

Complete OEM and replacement solutions for articulated buses and light rail vehicle.

Machine Door Actuator

Safely automate the operation of machine doors with a space-saving and maintenance-free direct drive unit with proven technology to implement a safe force and speed limit on horizontal doors weighing up to 750 kg/1653 lbs.

Machine Roof Cover Bellows

Bellows with a large, self-supporting span and minimal deflection (up to 30 feet) fastened to a lightweight gliding system. Developed for machining centers needing containment of dust or noise abatement.

Modular Weld Curtain

Protect against UV radiation during welding. Configure a welding work cell with a modular curtain system. Custom sizes, paint finishes (base/pedestal), and mounting configurations.

Portable Weld Curtain

Protective curtain for UV radiation during MIG, TIG, or stick welding. Light-weight, portable and easy to stall unit for convenient set-up and break-down in seconds.

Power Door: Motorized Aluminum Roll-Up

Strong, lightweight curtain made of double-sided aluminum extrusions with a seal between each slat. Retracts into a take-up canister assisted by a cog wheel and gear motor. Applications: light-duty, light to moderate direct coolant spray, no direct heavy chip loads. Dynatect can supply custom-engineered frame and additional roll-up shade options.

Tank Cover Roll-Up

Tank covers aid in the containment of hazardous fumes, prevention of contamination of tank contents, and reducing hazards to personnel. A complete turnkey system starts with a roll-up surface that is compatible with the contents of the tank. Thermoplastics are available when environmental conditions prohibit the use of aluminum or steel.

Transportation Bellows

Bellows for ventilation of traction motors on electric railcars. We can also provide suitable bellows for air ducting, cylinder rod covers, and coverings for door hinges shift/joysticks and steering columns.

X-Y Face Shield Cover

We can combine multiple covers into a multi-axis face shield assembly, including the finished framework, cut-out section for spindle/center plate, and wipers to clean debris and fluids from the surface of the shades. A recent project incorporated 4 shade rollers with rigid PVA material into a frame over 12 feet wide and over 10 feet high.