EV Conversion Kit Axle Differential Gear , Electronic Diff. Gear  for electric car

New EV conversion kit , for electric trike , electric miniCAR , EV , e-CAR power ranging 3KW – 50KW  with Rear&Front Axle differentialGear  or Electronic Differential Gear function by CAN  communication Controller  

Small power Rear Axle differentialGear with bldc motor installed/attached
Power 1K-4Kw 48V-72V

Small power Rear Axle differentialGear with bldc motor installed/attached , with integrated axle shft left&right  or seperated Axle shaft

DifferentialGear with mid-Drive  shaft+PlanetaryGear  or Gear Box  or reversible CVT (continnueously variable transmission )


Electronic differentialGear with dual drive
single ratio Gear ,control & command by controller CANbus with double safety function in power range of 5kw-50kw


EV   Display monitor  , Electric Car , electric Tricycle ,. eTukTuk ,motorBike  Display monitor , Battery monitor , Fuel guage , Linear Speed meter , Speedo Meter ,  watt hours Meter ,Energy Meter , Power meter .

Battery indicator SL-BI002

Battery indicator SL-BI003


Battery indicator SL-BI008

Battery indicator SL-BI011A


Battery indicator SL-BI012

Battery indicator SL-HM038V


Speedometer SL-SM001

Thermometer SL-TM006


Battery indicator SL-BI018_SV

Electric Motor  
The EMRAX 188 Electric Motor
The EMRAX 208 Electric Motor
The EMRAX 228 Electric Motor
The EMRAX 268 Electric Motor
The EMRAX 348 Electric Motor    

EV controller high power

BAMOCAR D3-400-(700)
Supply voltage, rated value 24V up to max. 700V
Max. output voltage, rated value up to3x450 V~eff
Max. peak current =250-400Alo
Max. power loss=2-4kW
Pulse frequency =400-800V