Light Bee electric off-road bike​

Light Bee

Length:  1885mm 
Width: 780mm 
Height:  1050mm
Minimum Ground Clearance:   270mm 
Wheelbase:  1265mm     
Curb Weight:  50kg  
Front axle weight distribution: 24kg
Rear axle weight distribution: 26kg
Rated Carrying Capacity:  100kg 

Thoroughly tempered, originality masterpiece
G3 curved surface frame design

The total weight of main and sub frames is 7.8kg
6000 tons press forging
Completely forged light weight aluminum alloy frame with top exquisite technology of the industry.
Inspected by the strict quality standards, come the best quality product

multi-curve algorithm,Accelerator Opening ,Accelerator rotating speed,Vehicle Speed,Current,Motor’s torque, and so on,They know you better!​

With high ratio 18650 battery cells, high power BMS, soc battery statistics, 4 temperature sensors real-time monitoring, and host computer management process and data interface, it enables the battery to have the excellent high ratio load capacity, longer life time, and high safety and reliability. ​

Professional off-road bike technology, suitable seat height, comfortable soft seat.​


Sur-Ron developed the special big torque and air-cooled power system for Light Bee

Charging time is determined by user.
The user determine whether the normal charging time or the fast charging time is suitable

Charger options:
Standard 5A charger, charging time is 6 hours. Optional 10A fast charger, charging time is 3 hours.​

Dimension &

Length: 1870mm​
Width: 780mm
Height: 1040mm
Min. Ground clearance: 270mm
Wheelbase: 1260mm
Vehicle weight: 50kg
Weight distribution of Fr. Wheel axle: 24kg
Weight distribution of Rr. Wheel axle: 26kg
Max. load capability: 100kg

Angle & Stroke​

Forward inclining angle: 26°
Steering angle: 46°
Fr. Absorbers stroke: 200mm
Rr. Absorber/Wheel stroke: 87/210mm

Performance & transmission

Max. motor rotation speed: 4500r/min
Cooling method: Air-cooled
Climbing ability: 35°
Range: 100km(@ 20km/h)
Max. torque: 200N.m
gearshift type and transmission ratio:1:7.6
Transmission type: Belt + Chain
Belt brand and model: HTD 8M

Frame & Absorbers

Frame type: Aluminum alloy double cradles design
Fr. Absorber: Double-tube telescopic shock absorber
Rr. Absorber: Multi-link central shock absorber


Tires & Brake​

Tire size (Fr.): 70/100-19
Tire size (Rr.): 70/100-19
Wheel type (Fr.): 19x1.4
Wheel type (Rr.): 19x1.4
Fr. brake type: Bilateral 4-piston hydraulic disc brake
Rr. Brake type: Bilateral 4-piston hydraulic disc brake

Electronic parts​

Controller Type: 48/60V self-adaptable
ECU type: GPS Data connection
Horn: European standard horn
Charger type: Constant current & voltage 58.8V-5A
Battery specs: 51.8V25AH Battery specs
Headlight type : German standard bicycle headlight(v)(w)(mm)
Brake lamp/tail lamp type: German standard bicycle tail lamp(v)(w)
USB Power source: USB-2.1A single socket
single socket: IBN negative display dashboard