White Ghost Electric Motorcycle​


Faster than the wind, Bi-Hundred Power
100km · 100km

The high performance electric motorcycle for industrial production, will be with the safety top speed 120km/h, and range 1ookms (@30km/h, the range will be 140kms).​

The high cross level performance specification settings support the vehicle with Twi-hundred performance, and to be as fast as lightening and invincible.

Nylon Explosion-Proof Box Structure​
For the purpose of avoiding any potential security risks, we adopted the design of nylon explosion-proof box structure. This will ensure the riding to be more safety. To be the new benchmark of the industry, all of what we do, have reached the international level of safety standards for electric vehicles.

Continuously improve the creation.
With years of independent R & D, continuous improvements for the performance of motor and gear box, SUR-RON has mastered the core technologies. The high-performance motor well combined with the DSG automatic gearshift transmission box can distribute the power interval to be more reasonably and efficiently.​

Reasonable wire layout
The CAN bus layout of the vehicle adapts ISO 11898 general international standards, unifies the digitalized directives, no need complex connections for various wires and parts, to be in accordance with standards of EU laws and regulations, simple and beautiful, safe and reliable.​

Electricity brings us the lasting light, and SUR-RON brings people the clean driving power by electricity.​

DC-DC Converter DC-DC
Compatible voltage is from 30V to 80V, max. output current is 30A Protection level reached to IP67, with ABS for electric motorcycle.​

BCM is the vehicle information center
All the controlling and executing units of vehicle’s electronics will implement the intelligent vehicle safety control.
Signal ON-OFF sensor, carry out ECM directives.
Protection level reached to IP67

ECU will do the failure diagnosis, and signal receiving for keyless-start.
Searching the vehicle within 50 meters by the key. With built-in GPRS, nine-axis gyroscope, and independently developed underlying algorithm, ECU will make feedback directives for turning signal lights, inclining light, tip-over power-off.​
Protection level reached to IP55.

Gear shifter
Patented gear shifter structure, will do the gearshift and information feedback, form the close-cycle control. The gearshift pulling force can reach to 50N

Overall parameter​

Vehicle body parameter​

· Vehicle Weight——140kg
· Length——2020mm
· Height 1100mm
· Min. Ground Clearance ——170mm
· Rated loading capability——100kg
· Width——790mm
· Wheelbase 1385mm
· Seat height——770mm


·Dashboard type——LCD Digital Dashboard
·Dashboard Display Technology——IBN IBN Negative Display

Power & Performance​

· Max. Climb capability——30°
· Motor type——DC Brushless motor
· Max. driving sprocket torque output——280N.m
· Gearshift mode——DSG smart gearshift
· TURBO lasting time——20S
· Top speed——100km/h
· Cooling method——Air cooled + Water cooling
· Max. power output—10Kw
· gearshift time——upshift 0,downshift 500MS

Power supply system

· Battery——Imported lithium battery 60V/70AH
· Controller under voltage——50.5V
· Charger input voltage——AC100~240V/50HZ​
· Charging time——About 3hours
· Controller current limitation——200A

Tire & Brake​

· Tire Size (Fr.)——110/70-17
· Wheel Type (Fr.)——Aluminum Alloy
· Wheel Size (Fr.) ——3.0X17
· Front Brake ——280 floating disc/opposite 4-piston clipper
· Tire Size (Rr.)——140/70-17
· Wheel Type (Rr.)——Aluminum Aloy
· Wheel size (Rr.) ——4.0X17
· Rear Brake——220 brake disc/ floating 1-piston clipper

Chassis & Absorbers​

· Chassis Type——Mixed aluminum alloy
· Absorber (Fr.) ——735MM Reverse Adjustable stroke 120MM
· Rear Fork type——Forged mix aluminum alloy
· Absorber (Rr.)——325 adjustable stroke 60MM

Light system

· Head light ——dual lens LED
· Inclining light ——LED
· Signal Light——LED
· Atmosphere lamp——LED