DC-3000 Multi-function Digital Readout


DC-3000 is appropriate for digital linear scales measuring system and the video measuring system. It can analyise and process. the 2D measuring data. and it is widely used in the projector, the tool microscope, CCD measuring instruments and other two-dimension measuring instrument.
1.       Systematic anti-jamming in power and signal can reach 2200V or above;
2.       Can recall the current position after power failure.
3.       Can work between 90V and 240V;
4.       Measure, preset and construct the graphic elements such as the point, line, circle, angle, distance, rectangle, thread and so on
5.       The functions of Axis-skew and Coordinate-shift are very convenient
6.       Connect to foot-switch and edge detector, so can quickly gather the data
7.       Can print the user program, graphic elements and 3-coodinate displaying data
8.       The users can record the program and measure the same work pieces in large quantity
9.       Many coordinates displaying ways: Polarity and Cartesian, INC coordinate and ABS, metric unit and British measurement unit
10.    Linear error correction and segmental linear error correction
11.    Z-axis can be connected with linear scales or rotary encoder’s degree
12.     Store 100 permanent data and 10 temporary data.
AC 90V-240V.
The most is 15W.
Linear scale’s signal
Orthogonality TTL, Frequency<2Mhz, Current>1MA