JUPITER series AC Servo Drive

The capacity range of Jupiter Series AC Servo Drive is now available from 6A (with peak 18A) to 15A (with peak 45A). An Ultimate 100A is under development.

The capable good features are including of :

A. Power Input : Single/Three Phase 220Vac, 50/60Hz
B. Power Output : Three Phase 0 – Input Power Voltage
C. Control Mode :
    Torque Control
    Speed Control
    Position Control
    Smart Point to Point (Embedded Motion Profiles)
D. A/I, A/O : 12 bits resolution
E. Electric Gear function
F. RS232, RS422, RS485, Modbus, CAN Open serial communication
G. Windows base operation software and monitor tool

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Mechanical Dimension Size


Main Feature

    Dual 32 bit DSP design, EmbeddedMotion Controller with Servo Drive

    Multi- Functionality : Torque mode, Speed mode, Position mode, smart Point to Point 100us sampling rate & calculation loop 1 Mbit/sec, High speed pulse command input (A/B phase, CW/CCW, CK/DIR) 2 fast digital inputs for High-Speed signal capture 8 multi-function bi-directional digital inputs
    Simulatoin encoder output (N=1, 1/2, 1/4, """", 1/64) ,or fieed prequency output 250K, 125K an 62.5K
    4 Multi-function digital outputs (both PNP/NPN compatible)
   Analog input 2 channel, 12bit resolution
   Analog output 2 channel, 12bit resolution
   RS485/RS422/RS232, Mobus RTU protocal, 9600-115200bps, CAN Open (OPTICAL)
   Direct Metric numberconversion system, high resolution setting 0-1,000,000.000(mm)
   SP2P (Smart Point to Point)mode, 16 Length/Position data selectable
   All sinusodial acceleration and deceleration velocity profile
   Special E-CAM Switch, Shift-Register, and auxilliary Timer, Counter
   Advanced Commissioning/Monitoring software : What you see, what you get!

   Optional Function : Rotary CUT
                                 Flying CUT
                                 Print mark registration