ESM series brush-less Servomotor

The capacity range of ESM brush-less servomotor is available from 0.64Nm to 100Nm and is competent with good advantages including of:

A. Compact size
B. Cost effective.
C. Low inertia
D. Fast response
E. High protection level available for IP54, IP55,
F. Both encoder and resolver feedback are
    available for option.

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ESM60, ESM85, ESM125, ESM145, ESM190

General Specification

Insulation class of stator winding

Insulation Voltage

1500 V rms/MIN
Insulation Resistance
Above 500VDC10MOhm
Protection Level
Operating Ambient Environment
0-40 ํ C, 90 % RH, Non-Condensing
Storage Ambient Environment
-20 ํ C-60 ํ C, 90%RH, Non-Condensing
Vibration Class
Below 1.8 mm/s
B5(Flange Mounting)
Feedback System
Encoder +5V Line Driver 2500 PPR with U.V.W Commitation Signals
Connection & Cable
Frame 60,85 : Flying Leads

Frame 125/145 : Connector

Frame 190 : Motor (Terminal Box) Encoder (Connector)

Over Temperature Protection
Thermo -Switch


 IP65 Protection
 Oil Seal
 Special Ke, Kt
 Specia; Flange, Shaft
 Cable for Motor, Encoder ..........ETC