The FHA-C series AC servo actuators' flat shape and hollow-shaft construction makes possible downsizing of machinery/equipment and structural simplification.

Thin and compact configuration;
• Hollow-shaft construction;
• High torque, high rigidity, high accuracy;
• Built-in high-rigidity support mechanism;
• Availability of a series of multifunctional control units.

Used for:
• Machine tools:Tool revolvers, index tables, loaders;
• Industrial robots: for whirling and articulated drives;
• Semiconductor manufacturing equipment: for transport robots,
inspection tables;
• Liquid crystal manufacturing equipment: for transport robots,
inspection tables, sensitizer application roll driving mechanisms;
• Printing machines: for sensitizer application roll driving sections.

Type: FHA-C series
Size: 17, 25, 32, 40
Version symbol: C
Harmonic Drive®Reduction ratio: 50, 100, 160
Encoder type and resolution
• E250: Incremental encoder 2500p/r
• E248: Absolute 2048p/r
Option symbols (Please ask Harmonic Drive Systems for details)
Special specification (Suffix "SP" is only special specification)

*1:Detector resolution is calculated by (Motor shaft resolution) x4x (Reduction ratio)
*2:Values for absolute encoders are in parantheses.

*1: The value with * is for specification with a brake.
*2: The value with () is for absolute encoder specification.