LA series is compact linear Actuator , having high-resolution and high-thrust. This series have realized maximum thrust of force 49N, 0.0174 micrometers of resolution, and high precision.

Used for:
• Work piece alignment in image instrumentaion
• High-precision assembling of optical disks, HDDs, VCRs, etc
• Wafer position alignment for semiconductor manufacturing equipment
• Focus alignment for optical microscopes and cameras
• For driving of high-precision stages

Type: LA series
Size: 30, 32
Version symbol
Stroke (mm): 10 (LA-30B-10-F), 30 (LA-32-30-F)
Mounting type: Flange mounting type
Drive motor
• None: DC servo motor drive (Open collector type)
• L: DC servo motor drive (Line drive type)
Special specification (Suffix "SP" is only special specification)

• LA-30B-10-F