LAH series are the linear Actuator which has compact,high-resolution and high-thrust. There are 2 models which one of them "LAH-46 (DC servo motor drive type)" having maximum thrust force 390N and 0.069 micrometers of resolution, and the other "LAH-80 (stepping motor driving type)" having maximum thrust force 3000N and 2micrometers of resolution.

Used for:
• Precision mold matching
• Position matching of liquid crystal boards for liquid crystal board manufacturing equipment
• Position alignment of precision inspection/measuring instruments
• Work piece positioning for Image instrumentaion
• Tool position alignment for precision machine tools
• High-precision assembly robots

Type: LAH series
Size: 46, 80
Stroke (mm): 10,30 (LAH-46), 50 (LAH-80)
Rate thrust force(N): 200 (LAH-46), 2000 (LAH-80)
Mounting type:
F: Flange mounting type
Drive motor
• None: DC servo motor drive (Open collector type)
• L: DC servo motor drive (Line drive type)

• PA=Stepping motor drive (No shaft on the non-output side)
• PB=Stepping motor drive (With shaft on the non-output side)
Special specification (Suffix "SP" is only special specification)

• LAH-46 series



• LA-30B-10-F