Type: LNP series

LBC series are the linear Actuator which has compact,high-resolution and high-thrust. There are 2 models which one of them "LBC-25A-5D6K" having maximum thrust force 6000N and 0.32 micrometers of resolution, and the other "LBC-25A-5D12K" having maximum thrust force 12000N and 0.16micrometers of resolution.

Used for:
• Precision positioning for industrial machines and automated equipment
• Multi-point precision positioning (which is difficult to attain with oil and pneumatic systems)
• For precision processes such as press-fitting, drawing, caulking, etc

Type: LBC series
Size: 25
Version symbol
Stroke (mm): 50
Maximum thrust force (N): 6 = 6000, 12 = 12000
Origin Sensor (Option)
• P: Ejection limit
• C: Center
• R: Retraction limit
Special specification (Suffix "SP" is only special specification)