LNP series is the small linear table with high thrust force. It became possible only by applying load in a table to build a mechanism easily.

Used for:
• Optical axis alignment for optical fibers
• Optical axis alignment for optical communication components
• Test piece position alignment for optical analyzers
• Precision installation of minute parts/components
• Positioning of inspection instruments' measuring probes
• Other uses requiring low lost motion

Table size (mm)
• 4040 = 40 x 40
• 5050 = 50 x 50
• 6060 = 60 x 60
• 7070 = 70 x 70
Stroke (mm): 13, 15 (Changes with table size)
Sensor mounting position: R = Sensor mounted on the right side of the motor.
Sensor power supply: 24 = DC24V
Sensor logic: A = All N.C
Harmonic Drive® Reduction ratio: 50, 100
Motor type:
• PA = Stepping motor,no shaft on the non-output side
• PB = Stepping moto,with shaft on the non-output side (Special specification)
• DC(AL) = DC Servo Motor (With line driver encoder)
• DC(AO) = DC Servo Motor (With open collector encoder)
Special specification (Suffix "SP" is only special specification)

*The Table is part of the Micro Module PG series as manufactured by Suruga Seiki

Stepping motor type

DC servo motor type