Intelligent PTZ Laser Night Vision Camera

  NameIntelligent PTZ Laser Night Vision Camera
CategoryHR-VLV PTZ Camera
Product Features

PTZ Design

Intelligent PTZ design, integrated with zooming laser illuminator, CCTV camera, pan tilt cover, decoder, with the function of dome camera and long distance night vision.
No blind spot Without blind spot, 0°~80°/s shift speed, 360°continuous rotating horizontally, +90°~-90°looking up and down
Intelligent 128 presetting bits, 6 tracking paths, 30s self patrolling, baud rate 2400-19200, PELCO D/P protocol control, OSD function menu adjustment, easy to operate.
decoder Adopt digit circuit design based on FPGA platform, high stability and expansibility.
MQMM Light homogenization technology Adopts multi quanta array laser coupling and lens wave guide fiber Homogenization, remove laser spot and illumination uniformity.
SSZ intelligent zooming simultaneously technology Adopts digit processor, analyse lens focus and control info outside real time, laser light can be zoom simultaneously and long distance adjust independently, achieve pan tilt rotating nad looking up and down, lens zoom and focus, light spot presetting in phase.
Light electric zoom Adopts long distance large area infrared laser zoom illumination technology, light angle varies 2°~17°, can achieve large distance focus observation and small distance search. It adopts independently developing optical zoom lens, plating infrared film, which can get through 85% and firstly invented and get patent in CHINA.
MMA outside aiming adjust High precision mechanical light axis aiming adjust, supply adjustable window, non dismantle, easy to maintenance.
Other functions Presetting bits, scanning, auto patrolling, etc.
Customization No red glow, anti explosion.

Technical Indicators

Effecting distance 200M at night, 400M in daytime.
Image component SONY EX-VIEW super low illumination CCTV camera, color to black, pixel 440000, low illumination 0.07LUX.
Image lens Optical 18X Zoom, 12X(216X totally), f=4.1~73.8; F1.4~F3.0; 2.8°~48°
Laser power

Two circuits drive, stable voltage and stable current, power on 1s, photosensitive outside control, 6W power consumption

Laser lens

20mm laser telephoto lens, 15X  
F 2.0, Plating multilayer near infrared ,laser coupling >95%

Laser light

Power2W, wave length810nm, illumination angle 2~30° continuous, light uniformity
Fully filled with Nitrogen, disperse heat array conduction.

Intelligent control in phase

In phase: SSZ intelligent control
Adjust laser illuminator independently
Respond in phase 0.1s

Light axis adjusting structure

Adjust: MMA Outside, presetting windows;
Precision: 0.02°;


128 presetting bits, 6 tracking paths, 30s self checking, 2400-9600 baud rate, PELCO D、P protocol, OSD menu set,
with brush continuous/once working;
working temperature: -25℃~+55℃;
storage temperature: -40℃~+65℃; 
anti impact: 4G, suitable for mobile,
anti salt fog: spraying 48 hours under PH6.5~7.2;
power supply AC24V, 2.5A;
Weight 6.5kg.