NameAutomobile Laser Night-Vision
CategoryMobile Monitoring
Product Introduction

The SHR-ALV can guide driversin whole darkness. With inhibitory function of strong light, it can assist drivers to see the road and the surrounding circumstances when a head-on dazzling light emerge.It can be united with Risk Detector System in order to sound the alarm when face the obstacle on the road or potential pileup. Under special circumstances, the drivers couldturn off the lights andtake a covert moving rely on Night-Vision system. And the quality is reliable, connection is convenient.

Main Features

Lighting Angle : 14°(H) × 5°(V)
Lighting Distance : 100m
Laser Power : 20w
Laser Wavelength : Near Infrared
CCD camera : 1/2” , the lowest lighting angle black-white high sensitive infrared induction
Field of view Angle: 14°
Display LCD : 5-10inch