CategoryHR-PLV Laser Camera
1.Adopt laser infrared illuminating technology; new night vision camera for mobile night vision monitoring; adopt hidden infrared lighting source of strong power
2.High sensitivity CMOS picture sensor; high resolution LCOS screen; clear image, low power, small size.
3.Reinforced shell with waterproof technology, anti-impact, anti-vibration, easy to operate.
4.Special video output, can be connected to monitor, video camera and DVR.
5.This product is of advanced technology, good performance, reliable quality and easy operation; it is a necessary product for mobile or hidden monitoring.
6.Electronic disk, anti-vibration, stable; 16G; can memorize 30~50hour.
7.The video compressing format is H.264, 2~3 times of MPEG-2, 1.5~2 times of MPEG-4.
8.Can use USB line to educe the video or directly use U-storage; one interface is enough for the two ways.
9.Menu like digital camera, very easy to operate.
Technical Indicators

Effecting Distance

Up to 200M

Video replay

1. Magnification: 5X
2. Objective Lens Focal Length: 50mm
3. Resolution:40 l/mm
4. FOV: 5°
5. Image Sensor: high sensitivity CMOS sensor
6. sensor resolution: 752×582
7. wave length: 940nm, no red golw
8. laser power: adjustable

Interface and others 1. USB: USB2.0
2. video output: EIA(NTSC)
3. Operation Battery:8.4V lithium battery
4. Working time: more than 3h
5. power supply: 8.4V, 2000mA
6. tripod hole: 1/4inch
7. length×width×height: 225mm×122mm×78mm
8. weight 0.98kg(battery exclude)