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The TG-Series 3-Axis accelerometers are high performance ±2g and ±10g sensors, featuringprecision three-layer silicon differential capacitive MEMS sensing elements that provide ultra low noise and excellent stability. The TG-Series sensors are fully signal conditioned and factory calibrated. The single-ended high level analog outputs do not require external signal conditioning and are easy to interface to standard data acquisition systems

The TG-Series operates on a single DC supply from 3.3 V to 5.5 Vand includes a high performance integrated temperature sensor for additional accuracy under extreme temperature applications. The typical current consumption of 1.5mA makes this triaxial device attractive for battery operated systems.The sensor is packaged in an industrial anodized aluminum package that is moistureresistant and rugged for industrial and automotive applications

• Platform Leveling
• Automotive Testing
• Seismic Instrumentation






Axis Accelero meter:CXL02TG3
Axis Accelero meter:CXL10TG3
Dual Axis Tilt Sensor:DCXTA02
Dual Axis Tilt Sensor:CXTLA02
Vertacal Gyro:VG700AB
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