Inspecta-4D Frame Grabber

Mikrotron produces high-speed PCI frame grabbers for color and monochrome (greyscale) cameras in the field of industrial image processing. The frame grabbers are available in analog, digital and Camera Link® versions.

Inspecta-4D Frame Grabber
The most striking feature of the INSPECTA frame grabbers is their direct image data transfer at a PCI bus transfer rate of up to 132 MB/sec, so that virtually any imaginable video source can be processed in real time. Even under heavy load on the PCI bus not a single pixel is lost thanks to the ample FIFO memory.


Main features:

-Support of matrix and line scan cameras with any image format, CCIR/RS- 170, progressive or interlaced scan
-Parallel 24-bit RGB true color
-Up to four independent video channels
-Six analog camera inputs, each up to 60 MS/s
-Digital 8 to 32-bit RS-422/644 camera input up to 50 MHz
-Maximum video data rate 80 MB/s
-Camera completely controlled by software
-Function library for DOSX, Windows 9x/ME, Windows NT 4.0/2000 and Linux
-Driver for HALCON


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