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Line CCD Lens for 57 mm Elemant

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Line CCD Lens Macro Lenses for Line CCDs, for 57 mm Sensor

  • Advanced optical design foe maximum 8000 bit (57.3 mm)
  • Advanced optical design for 1 mega- pixel (>=2 millon bit )area CCD
  • Acjustable magnification (0.2X-0.35X or 0.35X-0.5X)
  • Low Chromatic aberration & Low distortion.
  • Adapter for camera mount variations.

High performance Line CCD lense for maximum 8000 bit (element size : 57:3mm)line sensor . Flexible design allows fine magnifi cation setup by focus adjustment. Outstanding performance is achieved by minimizing RGB color chromatic aberration / distortion. Optional mounta accept various camera mount. This series is designed not only for the maximum o57 mm (7um/Pix) Image format but also for the large area CCD Sensor (MAX 40 mm).