Temperature Measurement




 16-channel thermocouple board including screw terminal board and 5-foot shielded cable


  • 16 differential thermocouple input channels plus one CJC channel
  • Four programmable gain ranges
  • Resolution to 0.03°C depends on conversion rate
  • Reads thermocouple types J, K, E, T, R, S, B
  • Conversion to °C or °F
  • Gain and offset automatically calibrated on each scan
  • Cold junction compensation on each scan
  • Overall conversion rate 4.6 to 22.2 ms
  • Provides 500 VDC isolation
  • Fully plug-and-play
  Software Support  
DASYLab™ Software

DASYLab™ Software: A graphical programming software package that serves the data acquisitionb user who requires customized applications but doesn't have the time, training, or inclination to write   code. With DASYLab, you can quickly develop data acquisition and control applications simply by creating a flowchart in which functions are connected by wires.

InstaCal InstaCal: Installation, Calibration and Test software in one package simplifies these important steps      as you turn your PC into a measurement system. Installation detects new hardware and configures your computer and board. Calibration software automates this critical step and keeps your    measurements accurate. Test routines verify that all the board's features are operating, and will         speed you to a quick resolution. If you need to, call our free technical support. Included free with every board.
Measurement Studio MCC Edition Measurement Studio MCC Edition: An integrated suite of measurement and automation controls, tools, and class libraries for Visual Studio 2005, and Visual Studio .NET 2003. Measurement Studio dramatically reduces application development time with ActiveX and .NET controls, object-oriented measurement hardware interfaces, advanced analysis libraries, scientific user interface controls, measurement data networking, wizards, interactive code designers, and highly extensible classes.
TracerDAQ TracerDAQ: TracerDAQ is an out-of-the-box application that allows data to be generated, acquired, analyzed, displayed and exported within seconds of installing Measurement Computing data acquisition hardware. TracerDAQ has been completely redesigned to provide significant performance and feature improvements over previous versions. It now offers four different data acquisition applications; a Strip Chart, an Oscilloscope, a Function Generator and a Rate Generator, all of which are accessed via a common, easy-to-use menu page. TracerDAQ is provided standard with all Measurement Computing PCI-and USB-based data acquisition products to get customers up and running quickly and efficiently.
TracerDAQ Pro TracerDAQ Pro: TracerDAQ Pro provides four virtual instrument applications used to graphically display and store input data—and generate output signals—within minutes of installing Measurement Computing data acquisition hardware. The applications allow the user to customize appearance, store configurations for future use, save data to a file for export and—with the use of interactive hotspots—change settings while the application is running.
UL for LabVIEW™ UL for LabVIEW™: Library, VIs and program examples for LabVIEW. A comprehensive library of graphical functions comprising all the power of our Universal Library and InstaCal software. Many examples to get you started using LabVIEW while saving money with Measurement Computing instrument boards.
UNIVERSAL-LIB/CD UNIVERSAL-LIB/CD : Programming libraries for Windows Visual Studio programming languages, and others. A complete function library to simplify the configuration and operation of your measurement board. A single, universal set of functions operates all our products so you only have to learn to use our library once.