GT12 Series HM

The GT12 Series is an extension of Mitsubishi’s 4th generation line of Graphical Operation Terminals (GOT). Models in this range offer a competitive feature set in a tightly integrated HMI hardware package. The GT12 includes many embedded maintenance functions and shares a lot of commonality with the GT16, GT15 and GT11 Series only that the GT12 Series is design primarily for connections to Mitsubishi Solutions. Terminals in this range deliver visualization on a budget for many machine and factory level applications. Models in this series range in size from 8.4 inch to 10.4 inch and offer a 256 color TFT display as standard. Common hardware features for the GT12 include an enhanced CPU and graphics engine, integrated communication ports (RS232/RS422/485/Ethernet) and power supply, rear mounted USB port (USB device), compact flash slot, 6MB of onboard flash memory and the latest in analog touch panel technology.