GT16 Series Terminals

The all-in-one models of the GT16 series are packed with all the solutions to meet the needs of customers. This leads GT16 terminals to become full components of system control management.

Many of the well-known useful functions are already integrated, e.g. a variety of network connections such as Ethernet and RS422/RS485 beside the generously measured project and data memory of 15 MB (with CF card expandable up to 57 MB max.)

Using separate expansions units it is very easy to upgrade the GT16 with increased memory, special functions or additional interfaces. The high-speed USB ports on the front panel allow the user to save and restore project data and PLC programs via standard USB memory sticks. This is very helpful if the PLC CPU needs to be exchanged. The PLC program can be saved and restored using the USB port of the GT16.

The high-resolution TFT monitor shows pictures, windows, diagrams and touchkeys in highest quality and up to 65536 colours. All screens can be created individually with the GT Designer 2 software, installed on a standard PC. Every item can be moved freely on the whole 15” monitor. This makes using easier even for complex applications.

GOT1000 Family

System Configuration

A. Base Units

B. Communication Interfaces

C. Options and Accessories

D. Cables

E. Screen Configuration Software and Programming Cable