MR- J3 Series Servo

MR-J3 Servomotors and Amplifiers

With a capacity range of 50W to 55kW, we reduced the size of both the amplifier and motor, added a high resolution encoder and advanced auto-tuning and vibration control. The J3’s high torque motor can operate at up to 6000 rpm, and with a speed frequency response of 2100Hz. Twenty percent smaller than its predecessor, the J3’s high resolution 262,144ppr encoder is mounted as standard to provide stability even at low speeds. Mitsubishi Electric Automation’s original model adaptive control and ever-evolving automatic tuning function makes precise tuning easy and the J3’s advanced vibration control suppresses vibrations automatically. Set-up, diagnostics, and tuning are easy, thanks to MR-Configurator, a Windows™ -based software package. MR-Configurator has many improved diagnostic functions, such as an advanced machine analyzer, software oscilloscope, and high speed monitor. A parameter setting window makes start-up easy, and a USB interface enables high-speed sampling and long-term wavelength measurement. The MR-J3 supports the following control methods: Position, Speed, Torque, SSCNET III Network, CC-Link, RS-485 Multi Drop and now Turret Index.