Control P40 Single-axis-version

Kompact positioncontrol for one axis

  • Easy handling
  • Multi-lingual menu navigation
  • Graphic display


  • Woodworking machines
  • Band saws
  • Grinding machines
  • Shears
  • Bedstops
  • Press breaks .. and many further applications

Standard Functions

  • Digital outputs (+24 V-PNP) possible
  • PID analog output available
  • Adjustable positioning output signals (3 speeds)
  • Absolute or incremental positioning
  • Reference or datuming sequence possibility
  • Display option mm/Inch/°
  • Tolerance windows
  • Software limit
  • Blacklash compensation
  • Up to 1000 address lines programmable
  • Offset calculation
  • Pulse monitoring
  • Quantity counter
  • Hand mode
  • Offset values
  • Free assignable input and output functions

Technical Spechifications P40-000

Input supply voltage

24 VDC +10/-20%

Power consumption

+24 VDC; max. 150 mA (no-load condition) - permitted current on all consumer (incl. own consumption) is 1 A

Rotary encoder supply unit

24 VDC (optional 5 VDC), max. 130 mA

Analogue input (optional)

12 Bit resolution at 3.3 VDC supply measuring system

Input signals

the PIN assignment of the inputs and the input logic (high/low active) are programmable
minimum pulse duration: 300 ms
input voltage/Pin: max. 10 mA

Output signals

the PIN assignment of the outputs and the output logic (high/low active) are programmable (PNP)
permissable output voltage: max. 150 mA per output / 500 mA total voltage via all outputs
free wheel control: is integrated for inductive load (clamps voltage at the output max. -45V)
outputs are permanent short circuit (no multiple shorts possible)

Actual value memory

durability: 100.000 on-/off-switch cycles or 10 years

Connection technology

industry standard connectors (3.81 mm grid, lockable)


LCD dot matrix 120 x 80 pixel with white backlight


32-Bit-Mikroprocessor with1 MByte Flash and56 KByte RAM

System accuracy

+ / - 1 Inkrement

Input frequency

100 kHz

Housing dimensions

W x H = 144 mm x 144 mm

Disruption degree

W x H = 137 x 137 mm

Ins. depth without connector

40 mm

Ins. depth with connector

75 mm

Operation temperature

0 ... +45 °C

Storage temperature

-20 ... +50 °C