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Panel Mounted, Single-axis Integrated Control Module for Up to 500W


- Fully programmable for stand-alone or host-interfaced operation

- Two power levels: 7.5A (15A peak) 18-40Vac (24-60Vdc) or 5A (10A peak) 40-85Vac (60-120Vdc)

- Automatic sinusoidal commutation for AC Servo/DC Brushless motor

- Powerful I/O handling with advanced PLC capabilities

- 20kHz rate for all control loops

- Position Event Generator (PEG) with sub-microsecond delay

- Position registration with sub-microsecond delay

- Dual Loop operation option

- Optional resolver feedback

- Integrated digital drive with advanced 20kHz PWM power bridge

- Comprehensive safety, diagnostics and protection

- Interactive application development suite

- Comprehensive C/C++ and Visual Basic libraries for Windows 95/98/2000/NT

- CE marked, meets European safety standard EN60204-1 and EMC standards EN50081-2 (emission) and EN50082-2 (immunity