Network Modules

SPiiPlus UDMnt (Universal Drive Module) is offered as one and two axis drive for AC Servo motors, DC brush motors, two, three and five phase step motors operating also in close loop.  It operates with motor voltage up to 60Vdc and with 5A or 10A peak motor phase current.
The  SPiiPlus  SDMnt  (network  Stepper  Drive  Module)  line  of  four  and  eight  axis  open  loop  step  motor  drives  modules  are designed to address the needs of industrial machines for economical and simple  multi-axis motion control solutions. Each unit includes one 36Vdc/3A bipolar drive. All other are 36Vdc/3A unipolar drives. The current level and the micro-step resolution are individually programmable for each drive. The SPiiPlus SDMnt includes two sets of Pulse/Direction inputs and two sets of Pulse/Direction outputs for Master-Slave operation. In addition, there are 6 general purpose inputs and 6 general purpose outputs.
The SPiiPlus PDMnt (network Pulse/Direction Module) provides the ability to add up to four step motor and servo motor drives with Pulse/Dir interface to an EtherCAT network using any of ACS’ EtherCAT masters. Each of the drive interfaces consists of Pulse/Dir, limit switches, enable and fault feedback. The maximum pulse rate is 4MHz. The module can also be used by a SPiiPlus EtherCAT master to control Laser generators with a dynamically programmable pulse rates.
The SPiiPlus IOMnt-8-8 (Network Inputs and Outputs Module) is an EtherCAT digital  I/O module with eight inputs and eight outputs. The input voltage is user configurable for 5Vdc or 24Vdc