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Mini Unmanned Helicopter

Malazgirt Mini Unmanned Helicopter System is a complete autonomous flying robotic system solution. With its automatic vertical landing/take off and anytime anywhere automatic hovering capability makes it a very attractive choice especially in geographically harsh environmental conditions. Being operated on the field since a couple of years, Malazgirt Mini Helicopter UAV System is the world's first operational mini unmanned helicopter system.

Mini Unmanned Helicopter system has gone through intensive concentarted efforts in order to be a reliable, easy to use and operational system. There are two versions of Malazgirt UAV, helicopter platform can either be powered by a gasoline engine or electric motor.


Basic Features:

Rotor Span:

1.8 meters


1.2 meters


20 Km

Operational Altitude:

3600 ft

Maximum Altitude:

12000 ft

Endurance (Gasoline Engine/ Electric Motor):

90 / 35 Min.

  • Day Camera System
  • Thermal Camera System
  • 2 Axis Stabilization System
  • Precise Target Coordinate Estimation
Communication System:
  • Digital Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum Telemetry and Telecommand Data Link
  • Video Link System

Malazgirt UAV System's most unique feature is the high flight performance
capability with low cost electronic hardware units but with high level of
software development. It has an advanced avionic system with indgenous
nonlinear control technology which allows for the following automatic
flight modes:

  • Autonomous Take Off
  • Autonomous Landing
  • Autonomous Hover
  • Autonomous Waypoint Navigation
  • Autonomous Hover With Heading Hold / Without Heading Hold
  • Autonomous Waypoint Tracking With support of INS/GPS
  • Autopilot Assisted Joystick Cont






      • CNC Machines Aliminum Parts
      • Compozites Structural Assembly
      • Special Design Vibration Isolators







      • Automatic Control Functions
      • Waypoint Navigation Functions
      • Camera Control Functions
      • Telemetry And Telecommand Date
      • On Screen Video Display
      • Video Play/Recording Functions
      • System Alarms / Status Indicator



      • Compact Design With Ruggedized Casing
      • Ruggedized Touch Screen Laptop PC
      • Membrane Button Panel
      • Ground Control Unit Hardware
      • Multi Function Joystick (Camera Controls, Flight Controls)
      • Battery Unit
      • Real Time Video Decoder



      • 360 Degrees Azimut Axis Rotation
      • 90 Degrees Elevation Axis Rotation
      • Servo Motor Control