Clarity pro

ClarityTM Pro is the latest in advanced skin analysis systems. Featuring early skin condition detection, statistical comparison of before and after treatment images, and product and treatment recommendations.

As a comprehensive skin analysis technique, ClarityTM Pro provides skin care specialists an objective and quantifiable method for identifying the diagnostic characteristics of the skin. This system is integrated with the Facial Stage, capturing digital, high resolution full face images for recognition and extraction of particular skin condition features. Images are taken in a dual light mode: true white light and safe UV capture. The system calculates skin tone evenness measurements, UV damage and susceptibility, pore health for calculating the risk of acne, and wrinkle classification according to severity level.


Clarity Pro Consultation

Image Capture & Handling

Capture Multi-Spectral, Full Face Digital Images or Localized Skin Images with enlargement of upto 700x. Image handling tools such as Import/Export Images and Click ‘N Zoom help in managing images and to get a closer look. The skin Images are organized systematically for easy access using The Skin Image Gallery creation and Skin Condition Database.

High Precision Facial Imaging

Cutting edge esthetic scopes and the Facial Stage, a state of the art, full face camera, captures digital images in multi-spectral lighting: true white light and blue light images to capture and reveal information on and below the skin’s surface layers. Clarity Pro has built in positioning aids for full face image capture of Front, Right, and Left Profile Images. The image alignment grid provides accurate placement. Automatic white balance and standardized lighting environment allows high precision dual mode imaging.

Streamlined Workflow for Comprehensive Skin Consultations

Provide Customizable Consultation Reports for each consultation, including images,analysis results, treatments and recommended products. The integrated Client, Product and Consultant database allow for easy management and Statistical comparison before & after treatments.

Quantitative Assessment of Skin Features

Clarity Pro performs face recognition functions, intelligently distinguishing predominantfacial features and detecting the skin from each captured image. Automated zone construction analyzes the face targeting specific facial regions for detection of the skin’s diagnostic characteristics. Quantitative assessments of the skin’s condition measure the evenness of skin tone, severity of wrinkles, the health of pores – identifying acne causing bacteria, inflammation of the pores, excessive sebum accumulation - and the extent of damage caused by the sun’s harmful UV rays. Graphical representation of the skin’s condition with quantitative results for Facial Stage or skin scope images. Perform statistical comparison and analysis during each consultation: before & after treatment analysis, compare to previous sessions, monitor a timeline progression of conditions, project the skin’s appearance following treatments and product applications.

ClarityTM Pro, A Comprehensive Skin Counseling Technique:

Capture multi-spectral images & perform full face analysis with the ClarityTM Pro system; for a comprehensive skin counseling technique ClarityTM Pro provides localized image capture with state of the art scopes, skin type classification according to moisture, elasticity, and sebum levels. Create customized skin assessment reports and seamlessly manage services with a complete client and product database.  Use the links to learn more. 



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