Mars 0913(Etek Comparable)PMSM/BLDC motor

Weight : 43.00 lbs
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The voltage and torque constant is similar to the ME0709, but the ME0913 is more powerful.
The ME0913 motor is capable of 12 KW at 72 VDC (125 amps continuous), and 30 KW peak.
It can be used on 96V system.

Kelly KHB72701 controller perfectly match with this motor.
BLDC motor, axial air gap design, dual stator design
Patent Pending permanent magnet rotor
Hall cell speed indication, 120 electrical degrees
85% system efficiency over a broad range
Custom shaft and case available
The ME0913 can be used in 96V, 72V, 60V, 48V, 36V and 24V DC application with a speed controller.
Speed range 0-5000 RPM – speed controller dependent
No motor brush maintenance

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