Array-type Backlight LED


The array-type backlight is used for various inspection-related uses, such as lead frames, transparent objects, and exterior inspection of electronic parts, and the light is chip-mounted.


Available Models

Model Color Power consumption Weight Emitting surface dimensions
(click for diagram)
ADM-30/30R Red 12V/1.5W 30g 31mm x 31mm
ADM-30/30W/B/G White/Blue/Green 12V/2.2W
ADM-30/60R Red 12V/2.9W 45g 31mm x 62mm
ADM-30/60W/B/G White/Blue/Green 12V/4.4W
ADM-30/90R Red 12V/4.4W 60g 31mm x 93mm
ADM-30/90W/B/G White/Blue/Green 12V/6.5W
ADM-30/120R Red 12V/5.7W 74g 31mm x 124mm
ADM-30/120W/B/G White/Blue/Green 12V/8.6W 82g
ADM-60/60R Red 12V/5.8W 80g 62mm x 62mm
ADM-60/60W/B/G White/Blue/Green 12V/8.7W
ADM-60/90R Red 12V/8.7W 110g 62mm x 93mm
ADM-60/90W/B/G White/Blue/Green 12V/13.0W
ADM-60/120R Red 12V/11.5W 136g 62mm x 124mm
ADM-60/120W/B/G White/Blue/Green 12V/19.5W 149g
ADM-90/90R Red 12V/13.0W 160g 93mm x 93mm
ADM-90/90W/B/G White/Blue/Green 12V/19.5W
ADM-90/120R Red 12V/17.2W 197g 93mm x 124mm
ADM-90/120W/B/G White/Blue/Green 12V/25.9W 216g
ADM-120/120R Red 12V/23.0W 260g 124mm x 124mm
ADM-120/120W/B/G White/Blue/Green 12V/34.5W 283g