Bar, Linear, Oblique-type LED

These lights come as LEDs arranged in a bar, or as four such bars in a pre-formed square configuration with adjustable tilt on each bar. These LEDs can be used for inspection of LED defects, identification of multiple shapes, inspection for cracks in fabrication substrates, identification of measurement and shape of electronic parts, and metal board surface inspection.


Available Models: Bar/linear

Model Color Power consumption Weight Emitting surface dimensions
(click for diagram)
DB-30/10R Red 12V/0.5W 25g 25mm x 10mm
DB-30/10W/B/G White/Blue/Green 12V/0.8W
DB-60/17R Red 12V/1.5W 28g 50mm x 15mm
DB-60/17W/B/G White/Blue/Green 12V/2.2W
DB-60/20R Red 12V/1.5W 41g 50mm x 15mm
DB-60/20W/B/G White/Blue/Green 12V/2.2W
DB-110/20R Red 12V/2.9W 72g 100mm x 15mm
DB-110/20W/B/G White/Blue/Green 12V/4.4W
DB-160/20R Red 12V/4.4W 101g 150mm x 15mm
DB-160/20W/B/G White/Blue/Green 12V/6.5W
DB-210/20R Red 12V/5.8W 131g 200mm x 15mm
DB-210/20W/B/G White/Blue/Green 12V/8.7W
DB-260/20R Red 12V/7.2W 160g 250mm x 15mm
DB-260/20W/B/G White/Blue/Green 12V/10.8W
DB-310/20R Red 12V/8.7W 190g 300mm x 15mm
DB-310/20W/B/G White/Blue/Green 12V/13.0W

Available Models: Square (four bars mounted in a square, can rotate around long axis)

Model Color Power consumption Weight Outer square dimensions
(click for diagram)
DB-60/17R-4 Red 12V/(1.4W x 4) 272g 108mm x 108mm
DB-60/17W/B/G-4 White/Blue/Green 12V/2.1W
DB-110/20R-4 Red 12V/(2.9W x 4) 511g 156mm x 156mm
DB-110/20W/B/G-4 White/Blue/Green 12V/4.4W