High Power Spot LED

This spot LED is a high-luminosity coaxial spot light compatible with macro lenses. It is available in several colors, with respective uses depending on the subjects and applications. HLV models require a dedicated constant-voltage power source but have more stable operation. The HL

V3 series is also 5 times brighter than the HLV series, making it the brightest spot light in the machine vision industry. Main uses include coaxial lighting for highly reflective surfaces such as wafers, metal surfaces, liquid crystal, and glass, as well as spot lighting. Being compact in size, they can also be mounted on movable modules.

Aperture width of all models is 8mm.

Available Models

Model Color Power consumption Weight Diameter x length
(click for diagram)
LV-15R Red 12V/0.3W 16g 15mm x 30mm
LV-15W/B/G White/Blue/Green
HLV-28R Red 3.5V/1.0W 39g 28mm x 46mm
HLV-28W/B/G White/Blue/Green
HLV2-28R Red 3.5V/1.0W 55g 28mm x 55.5mm
HLV2-28W/B/G White/Blue/Green
HLV2-32R Red 3.5V/1.0W 90g 32mm x 71mm
HLV2-32W/B/G White/Blue/Green
HLV3-24R Red 3.7V/1.0W 40g 24mm x 62mm
HLV3-24W/B/G White/Blue/Green

Dimmer For HLV Spot Light Models
HLV models require this power source. The dimmer controls output by current control and uses a SM-P03V connector.

Power Model LED Model Use Power requirement Output Dimensions Weight
PI-1W HLV-28, HLV2-28 AC100V-AC240V
350mA 45mm x 76mm x 160mm 580g
PI-2W HLV2-32, HLV3-24 500mA