Large Dome-type LED

The large dome-type light provides perfect, even illumination of a large area. Combination of the ADO dome-type with the flat-angle ring light (FDR series) allows completely shadowless lighting. The main uses of the dome-type light include inspection of metal surfaces (e.g. scratch inspection), surface printing, curved surfaces, and print on the bottom of aluminum cans.



Available Models

Model Color Power consumption Weight Aperture diameter
(click for diagram)
DO-84/54R Red 12V/3.9W 92g 54mm
DO-84/54W/B/G White/Blue/Green 12V/5.8W
DO-122/92R Red 12V/6.3W 170g 92mm
DO-122/92W/B/G White/Blue/Green 12V/9.4W
DO-156/108R Red 12V/7.2W 255g 108mm
DO-156/108W/B/G White/Blue/Green 12V/10.8W
ADO-84/54R Red 12V/5.8W 157g 54mm
ADO-84/54W/B/G White/Blue/Green 12V/8.7W
ADO-122/92R Red 12V/9.2W 265g 92mm
ADO-122/92W/B/G White/Blue/Green 12V/13.7W
ADO-156/108R Red 12V/11.1W 450g 108mm
ADO-156/108W/B/G White/Blue/Green 12V/16.6W