Line Light LED


These high power line-shaped LEDs provide improved intensity and uniformity over conventional lights, and they enable high resolution and high-speed processing applications. The emitting surface length is suitable for applications requiring as short as 100mm to as long as 2000mm. Major applications include coaxial lighting for highly reflective surfaces such as wafers, metal surfaces, liquid crystal, and glass adjustment. They can be mounted on movable modules.

Available Models

Model Color Power consumption Weight Emitting surface length
(click for diagram)
LS-100R Red 48V/24W 448g 100mm
LS-100W White
LS-200R Red 48V/48W 749g 200mm
LS-200W White
LS-300R Red 48V/72W 1197g 300mm
LS-300W White

Dimmer For Line Ligh
The dimmer controls output by current modulation and has a PLT6P-M connector.

Power Model Power requirement Control connector Output Dimensions
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RPILS-RS232 AC100V-AC240V RS232, USB-B type Max. 1A 100mm x 140mm x 200mm 1909g
RPILS-RS485 RS485, USB-B type 100mm x 140mm x 200mm 1958g