Shadowless Ring LED

This light provides evenly diffused lighting on shiny objects and best serves to prevent the halo effect. Uses include inspection of IC wafers, substrates, BGAs, QFPs, solder, and connector pitch, as well as inspection for stains of the side and internal surfaces of objects.


Available Models

Model Color Power consumption Weight Diameter
(click for diagram)
PR-67/39R Red 12V/2.4W 130g 39mm (inner)
60mm (outer)
PR-67/39W/B/G White/Blue/Green 12V/3.6W
PR-90/58R Red 12V/3.2W 180g 58mm (inner)
80mm (outer)
PR-90/58W/B/G White/Blue/Green 12V/4.8W
PR-136/108R Red 12V/7.2W 227g 108mm (inner)
136mm (outer)
PR-136/108W/B/G White/Blue/Green 12V/10.8W