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Moritex develops unique, advanced condenser lenses. Their cost performance is excellent because Moritex carries out the entire production process from desisn to manufacturing.

Condenser lenses for straight, bifuracated, and multifurcated light guides

  • ML-30 (Attach to the edge of a straight light guide or bifurcated light guide to easily create a spotlight.)
  • ML-40 (Condenser lens is only for small diameter type light guides(-SD))
  • ML-50 (Twice luminosity as compared to ML-30)
  • ML-70 (Even, relatively small spotlingting is achieved using two-parts and two lenses.)
  • MLZ-100 (1.Even spotlighting is achieved at various working distances. 2.Focus adjustment function by helicoids.)
  • MLS-60/60P (1.Even, sharp slit light is achieved.(MLS-60) 2.Very small spotlighting is achieved.(MLS-60P) 3.Focus adjustment function by helicoids.)

Luminosity characteristics and lighting range of condenser lenses


  • Light source used : MHF - D100LR (volume : max)
  • Fiber used : MSG4 - 1100S for ML- 30 , ML-50,ML-70,MLZ-100,MLS-60/60P AND MSG3-1100S-SD for ML-40