Handy Video Endoscope


Uses a white LED Inspection, recording and saving all possible with one unit!

                    Insertion tip diameter : 45 mm
                     Illumination : chip-type white LED
                     2 inch color LCD minitor
                     Support SD carda(record/save moving images & still images)
                     Waterproof specification : Main unit
                     Side view adapter (optional)
                     Probe length : supports a maximum of 5 meters(optional)



MSVI-4.5-1500 Main unit

 1.5 meter probe
 Dedicated case
 AC adapter
 SD card



Probe area
Insertion tip diameter
4.5 mm
Effective length
1,500 mm
Camera area
Photocraphic device
CMOS 1/18 inch 77,000 pixels
Photographic system
White balance
Optical system
Field of vision
Direct vision (horizontal 44ํ ํ, vertical 63ํ ํ)) (Side vision adaptor: optional)
Inspection ? eld depth
0 to 50 mm
White chip-type LED (2 lights)
Main unit
Color LCD 2 inch; number of pixels: 230x240
Recording media
SD card; still image: JPEG; moving image: MPEG
Image output
NTSC (headphone jack)
70 x 120 x 30 mm
AC adaptor (AC100 to 240V); approximately 2 hours of continued battery use.
Waterproof capabilities
Probe area
Waterproof specifications
Main unit
Drip proof specifications
Usage temperature
0 to 40 Celsius
Approximately 300g
Set contents
Main unit, 1.5 meter probe, AC adaptor, Dedicated case, Instruction manual, SD card
3 meter probe, 5 meter probe
90 ํ side view adaptor ( 6mm)
SD card capacity & number of photographs recorded
SD card capacity
256 MB
512 MB
1 GB
2 GB
Video recorrding time (refrence value)
120 min
210 min
390 min
750 min
Photographs recorded (referance value)
5800 pcs
11600 pcs
23300 pcs
46400 pcs