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Linear Motors

Optimal Use of Magnetic Flux
The tubular design of Copley Linear motors makes optimal use of the magnetic flux. All of the coils cut all of the flux at right angles. A large air gap is possible and the symmetrical design is unaffected by misalignment.

Superior Thermal Charecteristics
The tubular motor has superior thermal efficiency radiating heat uniformly. Copley motors have a high duty cycle capability without the need for forced air cooling.

  • Large Air Gap
    no precision alignment required easy installation

  • Coils Surround Magnets
    heat easily dissipated, all of the coils cut all of the flux

  • Compact Cross Section
    similar to ball screw

  • Tubular Symmetrical Design
    no attraction forces, highly efficient

  • Integral Heat Sink fins
    no forced cooling required

  • Quiet Design
    meet CE emission requirements

  • Rugged Load
    Bearing Housing

    precision mounting surfaces, low overall moving mass

  • Enclosed Magnets and Coil
    Protective housing and rod sealed for harsh environments
  • Ball Screw Drivers   Platen type Linear Motors   U Shaped Linear Brushless Motors
  • Complex part arrangements
  • More maintenance
  • High inertia
  • Speed Limit
  • Precision air gap require
  • Large forces between stator
    and armature
  • Exposed magnet track
  • Restricted heat dissipation
    from sandwiched coils
  • Partial use of magnetic flux
    in design
  • Limited mechanical
    forcer stiffness

  • TT Micro

  • Optimal solution for linear
    positioning of light loads

  • Low mass for high dynamic

  • Cost-effective, rugged,
    thermally efficient polymer

  • Large air gap for easy
    mechanical integration

  • Mount load directly to forcer

  • Integral bearing for moving
    rod applications

  • High performance from
    24 - 48V supplies

  • Plug-and-play with Accelus

  • Zero eddy current losses

  • ThrustTube Motors

  • Large air gap for easy
    mechanical integration

  • Low mass for high dynamic response, moving coil or moving rod

  • Mount load directly to rugged, framed forcer

  • Forced air cooling not required

  • Operates on single bearing rail

  • Magnets enclosed in stainless steel

  • Plug-and-play, matched

  • ThrustTube Modules

  • Ready to use linear axis

  • Integrated bearing and

  • Simple load mounting

  • Modules combine easily into low mass multi-axis solutions

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