Electric off-road bike​

Light Bee electric off-road bike

Length:  1885mm 
Width: 780mm 
Height:  1050mm
Minimum Ground Clearance:   270mm 
Wheelbase:  1265mm     
Curb Weight:  50kg  
Front axle weight distribution: 24kg
Rear axle weight distribution: 26kg
Rated Carrying Capacity:  100kg 

White Ghost Electric Motorcycle

Faster than the wind, Bi-Hundred Power
100km · 100km
The high performance electric motorcycle for industrial production, will be with the safety top speed 120km/h, and range 1ookms (@30km/h, the range will be 140kms).​

The high cross level performance specification settings support the vehicle with Twi-hundred performance, and to be as fast as lightening and invincible.