Linear Servo-Systems
Actuators + Brushless Servomotors + Drives
Mechanical expertise of Servomech Group (25+ years of specific experience in Linear Motion, manufacturing linear actuators & screw jacks) integrated into a new generation of servoactuators, brushless servomotors and drives.
Production by Linearmech, 100% Made in Italy.
Products available

Actuators SA Series
Linearmech Linear Servo-Systems
Input shaft version, easy to fit customers servomotors7 sizes available
Servoactuators SA IL Series
fitting Linearmech brushless servomotors In Line Design 7 sizes available
Servoactuators SA PD Series
fitting Linearmech brushless servomotors Parallel Design 7 sizes available
Servomotors BM Series
High efficiency and performances
Advanced technology, compact design
7 sizes available
Nominal torque up to 10 Nm
Brake motor available
Drives Eco Series
Engineered focusing on linear performances for Automation Industry
Fully integrated in Linearmech Linear Servo-Systems:Actuators + Brushless Servomotors + Drives




LINEARMECH - Linear Servo-Systems
New products introduction: Linear Servoactuators + Brushless Servomotors + Drives
LINEARMECH: Linear Servo-Systems
New products complete catalogue: Linear Servoactuators + Brushless Servomotrs + Drives