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7,5Apk 85Vdc serially controllable microstepping driver

  • Maximum power supply voltage 85Vdc
  • Phase current 7.5A
  • Integrated indexer serially controlled
  • Resolution up to 25,600 step/rev in 8 different settings
  • Automatic resolution selection according to speed
  • Possibility to control up to 32 drivers through one only serial line
  • Possibility of mixed connections to USD50xxx or USD60xxx drivers
  • Motion parameters can be changed for each movement
  • Commands for absolute or relative movements
  • Commands for constant speed movement
  • Driver status and motor position reading also while in movement
  • I/O settable as inputs or outputs
  • Logic signal TTl/CMOS compatible
  • Chopper frequency over 20KHz
  • Automatic current reduction
  • ENABLE input to turn off the power stage
  • Txon output for a simple RS485 communication implementation
  • Internal pull-up resistors on each input
  • Phase-to-phase short circuit protection
  • Phase-to-ground short circuit protection
  • Phase-to-positive short circuit protection
  • Over voltage protection
  • Under voltage protection
  • Overheating protection
  • Compact size



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