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6Arms 8.5Apk 90Vdc microstepping driver

  • Maximum power supply voltage up to 90Vdc
  • Phase current up to 6Arms (8.5A peak)
  • Decimal and binary resolution up to 25,600 step/rev
  • Step frequency over 300KHz
  • Chopper frequency over 20KHz
  • Automatic current reduction settable in time and percentage
  • Optocoupled and differential I/O, independently NPN or PNP usable
  • Inputs working from 3Vdc up to 30Vdc
  • Differential line driving supported
  • BOOST input for the dynamic current control to the motor
  • Complete diagnostics with univocal indication for each anomaly
  • Break motor phase diagnostics
  • DUP port for setting and diagnostics in real time
  • Mounting through 4 holes placed on the corners of the board
  • Connections on screw terminal block
  • Low cost



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