Magnetic Lengths Systems
Magnetic Lengths Systems

The purpose of these sensors is to in measure linear  displacements on industrial machines & automation systems. High precision Magnetic Linear Encoder MLS , LTS  Systems operates with incremental principle. It consists of a sensing head and a magnetically encoded tape. Magnetic tapes are commonly made from a magnetic tape itself made from Strontium ferrite merged into a plastic or rubber (elastomer) matrix which is then bonded onto a steel support. The sensing head glides over the tape, with a gap up to 2,5 mm. Thus, since the system works on the principle of magnetism, in contrary optical systems it is highly immune to contamination  from oils, dust etc. The tape has alternating magnetic north/south poles at a certain distance called the pole pitch.  As the sensor is moved along the magnetic tape  it detects the displacement and produces an output signal equivalent to that of an incremental encoder or a linear scale. Resolution is up to 1 μm. Distance (gaps) of up to 2,5 mm (approx. 50 % of the pole width) above the magnetic tape are permitted. Also, accuracy classes of  ± 5 μm is achieved. These properties make it ideal for use in harsh, dusty industrial environments such as  wood industry.


Magnetic Sensors

Information gathered on a Magnetic Strip or Profiles is translated by sensors and transferred to a downstream electronics unit. Values measured by active sensors are converted into digital counting pulses. For passive sensors, combination with a magnetic strips , profiles and displays  required.

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