Inspecta-5 Camera Link Framegrabber

Mikrotron produces high-speed PCI framegrabbers for color and monochrome (greyscale) cameras in the field of industrial image processing. The framegrabbers are available in analog, digital and Camera Link® versions.
Inspecta-5 PCI-X framegrabber

The internal memory of the Inspecta-5 framegrabber provides up to 1GB for fast, large format line- and matrixcameras. It allows continuous and fail save image processing, even under intense processor load. Due to the 36 bit color depth the Inspecta-5 framegrabber is particularly suitable for paint analysis, fiber- and textile examination, weaving technolgy etc. The integrated interface to the professional machine vision software "HALCON" provides you  with a powerful tool for demanding tasks.


Main features:

-Framegrabber for digital matrix- or linescancameras with "Base", Medium" or "Full" Camera Link® interface
-Two 26-pin connectors with full support of the Camera Link®-"Base", "Medium" and "Full" specification for videodata, cameracontrol and -configuration with built in serial interface
-Videodatarate of up to 660 MB/sec.
-One Gigabyte onboard memory for fast videostreams
-Parallel grab to internal memory and to PC-memory
-PCI-X businterface for 64/32 bit datawidth and 66/33 MHz clock frequency
-528 MB/sec. maximum datarate on PCI-X Bus
-four optocoupled input- output ports on framegrabber for external trigger and encoder signals
-SDK for Windows® NT 4.0/2000/SP and drivers for HALCON
-LabVIEW support


Datasheet Inspecta-5 Framegrabber
Manual Inspecta-5 Hardware
Manual Inspecta-5 Software