Temperature Measuremant
Personal Daq/50
Personal Daq/3000

Personal Daq/50 Series

USB High-Resolution Data Acquisition Modules


High-resolution, 22-bit A/D converter offers reading rates from 1 to 80 Hz

Ultra low-power design requires no external power or batteries

Built-in cold-junction compensation for direct thermocouple measurements

Frequency/pulse, or duty-cycle measurements up to 1 MHz*

Convenient removable screw-terminal signal connections

500V optical isolation from PC for safe and noise-free measurements

Programmable inputs from ±31 mV to ±20V full scale

Digital I/O lines with open collector output for direct drive applications*

Expandable up to 80 channels of analog and digital I/O*


Personal DaqView, spreadsheet-style software for Out-of-the-Box setup, acquisition, and real-time displays

PostView for post-acquisition data viewing

Support for Visual Basic®, C/C++, DASYLab®, and LabVIEW®

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000®, Windows Vista® x86 (32-bit), Windows XP® 

* The Personal Daq/54 does not have frequency, digital I/O, or expansion capability


Software Support

Designed for high accuracy and resolution, the 22-bit Personal Daq data acquisition systems directly measure multiple channels of voltage, thermocouples, pulse, frequency, and digital I/O*. A single cable to the PC provides high-speed communication and power to the Personal Daq. No additional batteries or power supplies are required in most applications**.

The Personal Daqs are supplied with Personal DaqView, IOtech’s Windows®-based data logging application that allows you to set up your acquisition applications and save acquired data directly to disk. The Personal Daqs also include PostView, a post acquisition application that permitsyou to display acquired data previously saved to a file. Drivers for Visual Basic® and C/C++ are also included. In addition, drivers are available for icon-based software packages, such as DASYLab® and LabVIEW®.

Signal Conditioning and Expansion
Both the Personal Daq/55 and the Personal Daq/56 can be easily expanded with one of two available PDQ snap-on expansion modules, bringing the total capacity up to 60 analog or thermocouple channels, 32 digital I/O lines, and 4 frequency input channels. Furthermore, USB hubs can be used to create multi-unit systems.

* The Personal Daq/54 does not have frequency, digital I/O, or expansion capability
** In rare instances an external power source is required when PC-supplied power is inadequate