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Personal Daq/50
  DaqView  is IOtech’s included Out-of-the-Box software which allows you to verify signal connections, acquire and save data to disk, and graphically view real-time data within moments of taking your IOtech hardware Out-of-the-Box. Easily set up all of your hardware, acquisition, and display parameters without programming via a simple spreadsheet-style screen. DaqView is a full-featured acquisition and display application that provides all the functionality you’ll need for most data-logging applications.
 LabVIEW Support is organized in a tiered modular architecture allowing improved VI customization and rapid device integration capabilities. Block diagrams have consistent wiring conventions which greatly increase the ability to adapt VI’s to specific application needs. Diagrams are well annotated to minimize application design effort. Clean, easy to understand front panels allow end users to quickly configure channel and acquisition settings.
 PostView is a time and frequency domain post-acquisition data viewing package which is integrated and ready to use from within your View package when you install it. PostView provides easy to use basic time and frequency domain data viewing for IOtech data acquisition View packages including DaqView, WaveView, Personal DaqView, LogView, and ChartView.
 DASYLab picks up where DaqView and WaveView leave off, letting you interactively develop PC-based data acquisition applications by simply attaching functional icons. DASYLab offers real-time analysis, control, and the ability to create custom graphical user interfaces (GUIs). What’s more, in contrast to other graphical programming environments, which can require weeks of training to master, DASYLab has a very short user-learning curve. Many applications can be configured in a few minutes, rather than days or weeks.
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