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PCI Thermocouple Multifunction Data Acquisition Board


Measure thermocouples, volts, frequency, pulses, digital inputs,and generate analog outputs, digital outputs, and timer outputs

Includes a PCI plug-and-play card, screw-terminal/signal conditioning pod, cable and extensive software support

14 thermocouple input channels

Supports TC types J, K, S, T, B, E, N, R

TC resolution of 0.1°C, accuracy better than 1°C

200 Kreadings/s measurement rate

7 differential voltage input channels, with 13 programmable ranges from ±156 mV to ±10V input

24 digital I/O lines

4 frequency/pulse counting input channels

4-channel 16-bit/100-kHz, waveform-capable analog outputs

2 timer output channels

100% digital calibration

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000®, Windows Vista® x86 (32-bit), Windows XP®

Software Support

  IOtech's DaqTemp/14A data acquisition system provides a total hardware/­software/signal conditioning solution for high-accuracy temperature, voltage, frequency, and pulse counting measurements, plus digital I/O and analog output.

DaqTemp/14A hardware is comprised of a plug-and-play PCI board, 3 ft. cable, and screw terminal/signal conditioning pod. Cold-junction compensation is built-in to the DaqTemp/14A, which provides precise thermocouple measurements, with ­channel-to-channel variation and noise less than 0.2°C, and accuracy better than 1.0°C. A separate low-noise amplifier per TC channel allows for these exact measurements. DaqTemp/14A is available with 14 thermocouple input channels. All power for the DaqTemp is derived from the PC; therefore no external power supplies or transformers are needed.

In addition to thermocouple inputs, DaqTemp/14A also provides 7 differential ­voltage input channels that offer 16-bit resolution and 13 programmable full-scale input ranges from ±156 mV to ±10V. The 4 frequency input channels can measure frequency or count pulses up to 10 MHz. Two timer output channels are capable of generating square wave outputs up to 1 MHz. Twenty-four digital I/O lines are also included, which can be programmed in 8-bit groups as either inputs or outputs.

All inputs, including thermocouple inputs, voltage, frequency, and digital, can be synchronously scanned up to 200K readings/s, which provides accurate time correlation between all inputs. The 16-bit/100-kHz analog outputs can be used to generate waveforms with a virtually infinite ­waveform output length from PC memory.

All inputs and outputs are accessed via convenient screw terminals located on the signal conditioning pod. The cover of the signal conditioning pod is easily removed to gain access to the screw ­terminals for signal connections.